Monday, January 17, 2011

Tropical Medical Wha'?

Second trip to the Tropical Medical Bureau. Lady in tmb decided to give me a parting gift of SEVEN vaccinations in both arms. Lady in tmb told me I may feel unwell for the remainder of my time in Ireland. Lady in tmb said all this while smiling. Lady in tmb is, plainly, jealous. I donsh fleel wooshy at all...

Monday, January 3, 2011

What's all the fuss about anyway?

So. 2011 is the year of The Gallivant. Have decided, at 25, I'm far too old to drop everything and travel for 12 months...doing it anyway. My notice is handed in to work (what?! She's leaving a job?!), tickets booked, vague plan made out, the countdown is on. I have just over a month to prepare for London, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. How much preparation can there be? Um...

Christmas and New Years were surprisingly emotional - every rollercoaster range was felt (inwardly of course, I am Irish after all!!) but am feeling ready for this adventure. It's time to leave this town for a little bit and get re-energised. In Fiji. Little Miss Independent has to admit she is a little bit scared - of coming back. And I haven't  even left! Scared of living out of a suitcase? Bitten by a spider/rabied monkey? Running out of money? No. Scared of coming back to find nothing has changed? Terrified! Determined to discover what all the fuss is about!

Now, onto more practical matters. Is bringing a suitcase rather than a rucksack naive? How much is too much suncream? And whhhhhhhhy did I leave buying a bikini until the post Christmas binge? Ans; (a) probably, (b) 3 bottles and (c) because I leave everything to last minute. See? Travelling. Piss of piece...      xx