Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to Coogee

Ok, ok, I know. It's been a while. A few weeks in fact... but! Cut me a break. I was busy doing things to tell you about. So here goes;
Both tc and myself have employment! Wahey! TC is working in a shopping centre in Bondi Junction, and within 3 days has managed to climb the (shoe) ladder to assistant manager. I have gone from no job panic to having 2 jobs - not too shabby if I say so myself! The first job is a 2 month contract job in Sydney city. Yes, in an office, and yes, requires commuting. However, until that starts (on 1st April...I'm wondering does the job exist?!) I am working in a bakery for a few weeks. Yes that's right kids, I am spending my long day surrounded by cakes that just squeal 'eat me please' all day long! It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Actually, it is a tough job but have met some very interesting characters along the way. More on that one later...
After a few midly panicked weeks we have found ourselves a lovely apartment in Coogee beach, one of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney. We are due to move in next week, and although our hostel is fine I'm really looking forward to having our own place to relax and unpack for a while. I didn't realise just how much not having a home can affect your mood/experience/people skills. Coogee is a lovely place that has already started to feel like home. It's right beside the beach, and yet half an hour on the bus to the centre of Sydney. Poifect. While the alarm clock still rings the sunny view helps lift my arse out of the bed quicker than a grey Irish sky. Although- got caught in TORRENTIAL rain last Monday three times. Surely it doesn't rain in Oz?!
Hitting the town again next Saturday to check out the Sydney nightlife. After a few weeks of working hard and keeping the heads down, I know tc and myself are looking forward to having a dance and letting off some steam. Trying to find a place to live/work had sucked the fun out of the past few weeks so it's time to get that back, Sydney stylee.
P.S Update on the tan? Still white. With freckles. White chocolate chip cookie?