Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Morning Sydney!

We landed in Sydney last Wednesday morning and so far, I have to say, loving it. The city has such a fantastic vibe and while I havn't seen that much of it yet, it really seems like my kind of place.
We are staying about 3 hours outside of Sydney in a place called Buttaba with my relatives. It made such a nice change to have someone meet you at the airport and direct you where to go (thanks Liam!) rather than trying to get your fuzzy, jetlagged brain to work. It instantly felt both like home (western, English speaking, left hand drive) and exotic (watching out for suicidal wallabies to leap in front of your car...). Having the space to chill out and get your bearing is a real treat too.
A few days into our Sydney experience and we have decided the general area we want to try and live and work. While I like the city, tc and myself felt that we could have an office job at home so wanted to try something a little bit different. We are aiming to get out on the beach and really work on those tans which, I am sad to say, are still fairly dismal! So the job and accommodation hunt starts this week. It feels very daunting actually! Breezily mentioning "oh yes we hope to get any oul job in Australia" now has to be fine tuned to actually getting one. It's been a loooong time since I have beamed at a shop assistant/waitress/unsuspecting bystander while shoving a CV under their nose and proclaiming to be invaluable member of their team. Hire me. Please. We have been assured that we should have no problem so when I update you next week I hope to come to you employed. *Cough*
In the meantime? Apartment-sitting in Coogee beach next weekend, and the Sydney Mardi Gras on Saturday. See you the other side...X

Monday, February 21, 2011

One Night In Thailand

So we are back in Bangkok for our final night in Thailand. It feels like a long time since we were last here, and also strangely enough it felt like we were coming home. To the madness of the Koh San Road!
We went to the lovely island of Koh Tao first where tc was learning to get her Scuba license. It is a really chilled out place, one that I will think of with fond memories. The beaches are paradise, and had just the right amount of bronzed bodies to make it feel private, yet with a good atmosphere. I say bronzed, I do not include yours truly here who reflected the sun like a freshly polished mirror. Sigh!
We moved on then to Koh Phangan, for the full moon party. I was a bit worried that the island would be filled with people that you will soon see on 'Thailand Uncovvvvvered', and while there ws no shortage of them, we had a great time at the party. We had made friends with a lovely group of Welsh people and just danced our lil socks (flip flops) off. The next day however we paid for it getting back to Bangkok on planes, trains and automobiles. With sore heads. Worth it though! While in Koh Phangan, we also went to see a marine national park - this included seing the Lagoon that inspired the film 'The Beach' and we also went kayacking around the Gulf. A highlight, and one that comes highly recommended.
So on my final night in this weird and wonderful place I leave you with a short (but unfinished!) list of things I have learned about Thailand;

- A hotel room does not neccessarily means it comes with a toilet
- A toilet does not neccessarily mean anything other than a hole in the ground
- The people here try to rip you off at every available opportunity
- The people here are really gracious, spiritual and friendly at the same time
- There is no sweat like Thai sweatin'
- The beaches are truely paradise on earth
- Worth it.

Next stop, Oz. Watch out Sydney...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bangkok. Is. Mental!

I write to you from a very florescent internet cafe in Bangkok through a haze of jetlag so apologies if it makes very little sense. Fluent Thai - obviously!
Laaaandaaaan town was brilliant. Thanks to our gracious host and company (you know who you are!) we had a jam packed fun weekend. Saw a lot of sights and good atmosphere as London was celebrating Chinese New Year. Due to TC's slight obsession with Michael Jackson we went to see Thriller on the West End. It was...interesting. Ahem. Also saw Tower of London on Monday - anyone who has even the slightest interest in history should go, as well as those people who can appreciate proper bling bling when they see it as it also is home to the Crown Jewels. Have decided I want a crown...which is very possible in Bangkok!
We arrived to Bangkok after a 12 hour flight and the jetlag shows no signs of disappearing. Not sure if it's that or just the chaos of Bangkok that has me disorientated. No idea of time or days or what's what, just going with the flow. The extremely cheap flow I might add! A shoppers haven, which I have so far managed to avoid. We shall see!
Next stop are the Thai Gulf Islands for some beach bummin'. Chat to you from there folks (if at all possible. I'm sort of hoping not...if ya know whadd I mean) xx

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just one more sleep!

T'was the night before leaving, and all through the gaff
Filled with chaos and noise and having a laugh,
Caitriona put out her suitcase with care in hopes that the morning soon would be there...

My last full day at home for a while - and what a day! In case I was thinking of getting cold feet (yeeeeaaah) Ireland has kindly obliged with manky weather to help shove myself and TC (travelling companion) onto that plane. Hopefully Aer Lingus will do the same! Today is the day of packing. Someone do it for me? Please? Also trying to squeeze in the last few goodbyes. Yerrrra lads I'll be home soon.

Nerves are gone, pure excitement has replaced it. Let the adventure begin!