Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bangkok. Is. Mental!

I write to you from a very florescent internet cafe in Bangkok through a haze of jetlag so apologies if it makes very little sense. Fluent Thai - obviously!
Laaaandaaaan town was brilliant. Thanks to our gracious host and company (you know who you are!) we had a jam packed fun weekend. Saw a lot of sights and good atmosphere as London was celebrating Chinese New Year. Due to TC's slight obsession with Michael Jackson we went to see Thriller on the West End. It was...interesting. Ahem. Also saw Tower of London on Monday - anyone who has even the slightest interest in history should go, as well as those people who can appreciate proper bling bling when they see it as it also is home to the Crown Jewels. Have decided I want a crown...which is very possible in Bangkok!
We arrived to Bangkok after a 12 hour flight and the jetlag shows no signs of disappearing. Not sure if it's that or just the chaos of Bangkok that has me disorientated. No idea of time or days or what's what, just going with the flow. The extremely cheap flow I might add! A shoppers haven, which I have so far managed to avoid. We shall see!
Next stop are the Thai Gulf Islands for some beach bummin'. Chat to you from there folks (if at all possible. I'm sort of hoping not...if ya know whadd I mean) xx


  1. I can see you now - a crown with your bikini in the islands!

  2. Enjoy all your shopping and hope not to hear from you while you are sunbathing on those lovely beaches :)