Saturday, April 16, 2011

Same Shhh Different City

The past few weeks myself and tc have been settling in to our new place, on Moore St (!) in Coogee. It's very nice to have somewhere to call home, even if it doesn't quite feel like it yet. Still haven't figured out our housemate yet. Very shy, very awkward, very unsocialable or just hates us... Possibly a mixture of all of the above! Office job in the city is a little more hardcore than anticipated. Not that the job is difficult, just long hours and pressurised. I get up early, it could be a little chilly or even raining, go on the bus, spend all day in the office and come back home again in the dark, too tired to do much. Sound familiar...? Working in the bakery on Saturdays as well has me wondering have I done this the right way? Although a friend back at home asked incredulously "what were you expecting?!" Er. Not sure. Fun? Adventure? Something I wouldn't be doing in Dublin? Not that I mind working long hours for a job that would be a career move. Or fun. Negatory on both however... Hmmmm.

What is different though is activities on my day off. Snorkelling anyone? Don't mind if I do! My love affair with all things Sydney is still going strong. It's as if the city has found the right balance between being cosmopolitan without being anonymous, energy without being frantic and there is something for everyone without being knobbish. Sorry, pretentious. Sydney, you have a fan. Cx

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