Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A sneaky peeky of Melbourne

Them sneaky Aussies managed to have 5 days off over the Easter weekend (hooray!) and so I took myself off down to visit Melbourne. A friend of mine who left for the Big Oz Adventure nearly 2 years ago lives down there and so there was major catch-ups to be had. What a weekend! She lives in St. Kilda, which is a suburb by the sea. It is also where all the paddys flock and you know, it actually opened my eyes up a bit! Yes, myself and tc didn't want to do the exact same as everyone, and yes, we didn't just want to hang out with Irish people buuuuut it has to be said it was a lot of fun. All of a sudden I went from quite an isolated space to one filled with people! My friend Sue knew such a community of people from living and working with people in the same boat as her. And not a lonely moment was had. Simply no time or space for such nonsense! So it did open my eyes up to why people do flock together...and also did my liver some considerable damage...

The feel I got for Melbourne in my short time is that it is a much smaller city than Sydney, a bit more personable and friendly but not with quite the same buzz. Kind of like Sydney's younger hipster sister to Sydney's glamourous older one. Does that make sense or do I just miss fashion magazines a little bit too much? (Yes, I know they have fashions mags in Oz, you knowharraImean). I'm looking forward to spending more time there and getting to know the city a good bit better.

Back in Sydney, it managed to stop raining last Sunday for us to take a trip into the Chinese gardens in the city. If you're ever in Sydney DO IT! For the simple reason that you get to hire Imperial Chinese costumes and get to arse about the gardens pretending you're in a Kung Fu film...Or appreciating the tranquil gardens peacefully, like you're supposed to. Whatever floats your boat. Unfortunately, it started to rain again that night and hasn't stopped since. Did you know it rained in Sydney?! Next weekend I'm going to a one day course than enables me to serve alcohol over here. I figure I could rock being a barmaid if the need arose. Now, has anyone seen my Bet Lynch cardigan? X

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