Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Top End

The 'top end' has greeted me with some much welcome sunshine and warmth back in the bones. But we're not in Kansas anymore Toto! Darwin is completely different to Sydney, which after all was the entire point of coming up here. While not quite having only one main street, it is a big town rather than a city. Although it's winter the average temperature is in the late 20s. The native Darwin(ians?) are shivering though, and assuring me it's their coldest winter in years! I don't think I could handle their summer if this is their cold version of winter! The town has some gorgeous waterfront areas, and I am pleased to say I have found a humble abode overlooking one of them. The nearest beach is Mindil beach, and for the dry season it hosts a night Market every Thursday and Sunday night. The night markets have stalls selling clothes and jewellery, but mainly the stalls are filled with lots of different kinds of food that it would be just rude not to try.

The people here are extremely laid back and no one is in a rush. Although finding an Aussie through the hords of backpackers is no mean feat! It's wintertime in Oz, and anyone who wants to stay in the sun all head north at this time of year. It actually reminds me of when I went to college in Maynooth- stick with me here! Because there are so many people up here everyone has jobs in pubs, cafes, that kind of work. Everyone lives in party houses, and the main form of entertainment is drinking. Ok the weather isn't the same but the similarities have struck me!

Having only managed to get 3 shifts a week in a local cafe my aim for the next few days is to find another job, see more of Darwin, and to work on my very non existent tan. Seriously, whiter than when I left. The problems I have to deal with...

C x

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