Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Long Sydney!

At this point, I feel at home in Sydney. I have managed to get lost in the city and find my way back again. I know where is good for shopping, food, drinks and how you can get there (for the most part!). I feel a part of the city and not just visiting it. It's starting to feel like home...just as I'm leaving!

I'm heading up north to sunny Darwin in 4 days time - whenever I mention this to any Australians they adopt a look of horror or at best a face that says 'why?!' which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence! I suppose for a girl that has fallen in love with the city of Sydney, Darwin is a strange choice. It's completely different - small town. Its sunny and tropical, and according to my sources there is one main street and everyone knows everyone. To make it more nerve wrecking, I'm doing it alone. Myself and TC are seperating for a few months, and meeting back in Melbourne in September. Until then, its just me and Darwin! My friend Sue is up there for a few weeks now, and she assures me I'll love it. Now, just a small matter of finding a job and somewhere to live. Haven't I been here before?!

I've booked myself into a hostel for a week. A hostel. By myself. On my own. In a hostel. With no TC. Did I mention I was on my own? In a hostel? No that I care of course. I looooooove hostels. Oh yes I do. Oh YES I do (work with me here). What I actually am looking forward to is seeing more of the countryside, more of the real Oz. I'll also be in a much better place to go visit the national parks, swin with sharks (!) and see Uluru, which is top of the must-see list. I didn't want to get stuck in a rut so taking the leap.Wish me luck!

For our last weekend in Sydney, we went to see the Blue Mountains. Which are really the not-blue-hills, but breathtaking nonetheless! Very beautiful, and definately worth the trip. I also visited family whom I haven't seen in years and had one of the best nights with them since I've gotten to Oz. Makes a girl not want to leave! But the itchy feet are bringing me North. So for my final few days here, I'm drinking in all of my Sydney, unsure of when I'll see it again. The walk to work in the mornings bring me down Martin's Place, with all the swish designer stores. Ducking through my shortcut through Wynard station, I hold my nose against what I've dubbed 'fish corner' where the smell of sushi that early in the morning knocks me sideways! The best busker I've ever heard always makes me smile just at the last corner in the station. And this is just my trip to work! Trying to keep all the sights and sounds safely locked in my memory. Sydney, I salute you.


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